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Garlic Scape Pesto


Heres a fantastic summer treat using Garlic Scapes as the star of the show



200g Garlic scapes (flower heads removed) cut into 2 cm pieces

1 whole lemon, halved

Approx 100ml extra virgin olive oil

Approx 50g parmesan cheese

Handful of nuts (pine nuts, walnuts, hazel nuts – whatever I have in the cupboard)

Freshly ground plack pepper


Put all the dry ingredients into a food processor – add half of the oil and blitz, gradually adding in the rest of the oil until its of a smooth consistancy.

Squeeze in a little of the lemon juice and grind in some black pepper, stir through, taste and adjust the seasoning adding in more lemon juice/pepper/oil to suit your taste and to get the consistancy that you like.

No nuts.. no problem – this recipe works great without nuts too!

You can use the pesto on pasta, as a topping for bruchetta or any other way you can think of!