Grand Plan 2016

Here’s the list of vegetables I’ll be growing at the allotment this year. I’ve made the decision to try different varieties to ones I grew last year, however, there were a couple of varieties I just loved so have stuck with them for another year! I’m not growing many root vegetables this time round as they failed miserably in 2015, I’m blaming the heavy clay soil for the production of only 3 tiny carrots, so I’m going to forego the space they took up and expand the brassicas instead.

At the time of writing this page, I’ve not actually decided on the types of potatoes I’m going to grow in 2016. I do recall a comment made by a fellow blogger which has stuck with me, they said that they usually try to grow varieties you wouldn’t usually buy in the shops so that’s probably going to be my guidance when choosing. I’m leaning towards 2 types of early potatoes, a main crop and possibly an unusual heritage variety, I’ll have to spend some time this weekend going through the catalogues and get them ordered quickly as they’ll need to start chitting soon. I’ve also yet to select what I call “Salad Bowl” crops, such as tomatoes, salad leaves and other herbs, I’ll update these once I’ve chosen them!

Onions and Leeks

Bedfordshire Champion, Rosanna, Musselburgh Leeks

Peas and Beans

Pea: Hurst Green Shaft

Broad Bean: Bunyards Exhibition, Crimson Flowered,

Runner Bean: Scarlet Emperor

Climbing Bean: Monte Cristo


Cauliflower: Gypsy F1 Hybrid (summer), Autumn Giant 4 (autumn/winter)

Broccoli: Belstar F1 Hybrid, PSB Red Arrow

Cabbage: Greyhound, Siberia F1 Hybrid

Brussels Sprouts: Trafalgar F1 Hybrid

Squash, Pumpkins and Courgettes

Squash: Buffy Ball, Winter Crown Prince

Pumpkin: Jack of all Trades

Courgette: Venus F1 hybrid, Sunstripe F1 hybrid


Beetroot: Boldor (golden variety), Chioggia

Swiss Chard Bright Lights