Grand Plan 2015

I thought I’d share the types and varieties of fruit and vegetables I’ll be growing in the allotment this year. As the year progresses I’ll update the page with planting dates and I’m sure a picture gallery will follow. If anyone has grown any of the varieties mentioned below, please feel free to share any words of wisdom!


Lady Chrystl, Charlotte, Maris Piper and King Edwards

Onions and Leeks

Bedfordshire Champion, Ailsa Craig, Red Barron, White Lisbon spring onions, Apache red spring onions and Longbow leeks


Brussel Sprouts: Revenge F1, Red Delicious

Calabrese broccoli: Marathon F1, Purple sprouting: Rudolph

Winter cabbage: Rigoletto F1, Summer cabbage: Hispi F1

Cauliflower: Snow Crown F1

Turnip: Purple Top Milan

Chard: Multi coloured Brightlights

Peas and Beans

Pea: Hurst Greenshaft, Alderman

Broad Bean: Crimson Flowered

Climbing Bean: Cobra

Runner Bean: Enorma

Dwarf Bush Bean: Purple Teepee

Root Vegetables

Parsnip: Countess

Carrots: Sweet Candle, Purple Haze

Rainbow Radish

Golden Beetroot

Squash and Pumpkins

Atlantic Giant Pumpkin, Winter Squash: Buffy Ball F1


Sweetcorn: Swift

Courgette: Defender, Yellow Atena

Tomatoes: Nimbus F1, Striped Tigrella

Lettuce: Red Dazzle, Rocket

Cucumber: Lemon Crystal


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