Green wellies. Covered in mud. They’re ultimate symbol of the keen allotment holder, and mine are no exception. Since taking on the allotment in 2013 is been a bit of a roller coaster ride with a few successes and mishaps along the way. The biggest mistake of mine was to let the allotment run wild and i no longer had an allotment…i had a jungle. Ive spent the best part of 2014 taming the jungle and I’m now ready to start growing veg, and lots of them. I hope to keep my green wellies muddy for many years to come.

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  1. Hi, I really like you blog and your photos. I only wish I was as organised as you. 🙂 I’m curious as to whereabouts you are? Would you have the same weather as me? I live in Dublin and so far we’re not having the greatest of summers.

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    • thanks so much for your lovely comments. I’m from North East England, on the coast just outside of Newcastle. We had a nice spell of weather a few weeks ago which I’m inclined to believe was our summer as the weather has been pretty awful ever since! Hey-ho, at least the courgettes and pumpkins will be loving the water! Just had a quick look at your blog, your pictures are amazing, how’s your allotment been this year?


      • It was a great year for redcurrants and peas. Didn’t get a huge crop of spuds, which is a real shame, as they were gorgeous, not sure where I went wrong . Going up to allotment today to tidy up, trying to figure out what to plant for autumn/winter. Open to suggestions.


  2. Hello there,
    We love your website!
    I work for a casting director called Lesley Beastall and we are looking for ladies who love to garden/plant/weed for a commercial we are casting for the BBC. We are looking for the real deal so were pleased to find your blog. It is a paid job and we would love to speak to you about it. If you are interested please do e-mail me and we can take it from there!
    Many thanks, and keep up the good work!


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