Bringing the outside in

I love the idea of having beautiful flowers and plants all around the house. Nothing brightens up a room more than a lovely vase of freshly cut flowers, arranged just as you’d see on the cover of a magazine. Unfortunately I lack (quite severely) the skill of flower arranging and each time I’ve tried to make an arrangement it looks as if I’ve just dumped the flowers directly into the vase without any thought or care. Due to the ugliness of the arrangement it’s more often than not that the flowers are put to one side of the room in shame and forgotten about until all the petals have fallen off and they make their inevitable journey to the bin. I have also failed miserably at keeping a bonsai tree. The poor thing lasted about 3 months before it shrivelled up, the leaves turned brown, then made its inevitable journey to the bin. 

To say I’ve not had much success as an indoor gardener would be a fair statement to make. 

But I still yearn for house plants. 

While browsing Pinterest recently I came across something that might just be the solution to all my houseplanty problems..

A Terrarium. A lovely little plant world inside a glass. 

Today I’m giving indoor gardening one final whirl and if I can’t keep a Terrarium I’ll resolve myself to only out door gardening. 

To start making the terrarium I picked up a couple of glass bowls, some stones, a selection of alpine plants and cactus potting soil. 

Alpine plants like free draining soil, so to help with the drainage I placed a selection of stones in the bottom of each bowl. I then filled the bowls about 2/3 full with the soil then arranged the alpine plants into the bowls. Once in their positions I added more soil around the plants and topped off with some decorative stones and pebbles. 

 How easy was that?! 

I’m really pleased with the end result, the only thing left to do is to find a sunny spot for them. 


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