Under construction 

The warm weather this week has worked wonders for the allotment. Everything seems to be thriving in the sunshine and I’m delighted with the progress that the plants are making. Earlier on this week I planted out my tomato plants, I’ve picked the  2 strongest of each variety and planted them in grow bags against the side of the shed. It’s a lovely sunny but sheltered spot currently being enjoyed by the strawberries, but after a quick re-organisation there was room for everything. 

On Wednesday morning, on my pre-work visit, I noticed the first of my strawberries starting to ripen and turn red.
Not wanting to leave them in the car to sweat it out while I was at work, I decided to pop back along after work to pick them. Unfortunately the birds must’ve spotted them too because they’d completely disappeared by the time I got back! I’ll have to work out some form of protection for them because I’m not losing any more! 

Today I’ve spent a lovely morning at the plot building some more of my squash hide-out. With a bit of training, the squash plants will climb up the bamboo framework and I’ll have a really cool little hide away covered with little mini squashes. I attached the first rung when I initially planted out the squash plants a couple of weeks ago and now the plants are growing well, it’s time to give the plants more rungs to scramble up. 

I’m making the framework from bamboo canes, cutting each rung to fit. It’s amazing what you can make with canes and garden twine! 


While I was making the squash hide-out, my dad popped along to check on the progress of the vegetables. While he was there I showed him my random red flowering peas. I noticed them a day or two ago and I’ve not been able to work out how they’re red! The only thing I can think of is that a random red flowering pea variety snuck into the seed packet. I’m not complaining, I can’t wait to see what the peas are like.


While I was checking out the pea flowers I noticed something curly sticking out from one of them…

I can’t believe it! An actual pea pod. Once I saw that one I spotted another, and another!

I can’t believe it was only last Thursday I saw the first pea flowers and just one week later we have pods! 

I must’ve got swept up in “pod fever” and I picked my first broad bean pod today too. I think I picked it a bit too early but it just seemed too good to pass up. 

I was really pleased with the jam I made last week (the jar I kept for me has been used up already) and I really fancied making some elderflower cordial, so I managed to pick a few umbrellas of elderflowers before I left the allotment. 

I’m going to make the cordial tomorrow and add some fresh ginger to the mix too. The plan is to use the cordial in drinks and to add extra flavour to any more jams I make. 

Tomorrows day at the allotment will be spent weeding mostly I think. The weather has worked wonders for the weeds too! I might even treat the pumpkins to a mulching of manure while I’m at it. Happy days. 

3 thoughts on “Under construction 

  1. It’s al looking great!
    My strawbs are under some fruit netting I bought by the metre locally, I think they sell it at lots of garden centres, held up by hoops of that blue water pipe stuff. Works well, and easy to remove at the end of the season and use elsewhere on the allotment.
    Hope you get lots more!

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