Take a walk on the wild side

I did it. I ate the mushrooms. After conducting some carefull research into  the pros (tasty treats) and cons (stomach cramps and possibly being poisoned) I came to the conclusion that the mushrooms growing in nature corner at the allotment were indeed the safe and tasty variety Morel. 

After collecting them on Sunday evening I brought them home, in my brand new vegetable trug, along with some of the micro salad, rhubarb and herbs I’ve been growing. 

To prepare them I cut them in half and soaked them in a container of water. Some of the advice suggests simply brushing them carefully with a small paint brush to remove debris but after seeing a tiny slug creeping up the side of the container I’m pleased I opted for soaking! It must’ve been seeking refuge in one of the mini crators on the mushroom. After an hour or so, I dried the mushrooms off and wrapped them in kitchen paper overnight. 

I love mushrooms. Being vegetarian I use them regularly in everyday cooking, so I was keen to use them in one of my favourite dishes…risotto. I love using porcini mushrooms as the base flavour in risotto, they’ve got a wonderful texture and a real earthy-ness about them which I think works perfectly in this type of dish. The Morel mushrooms were added to the mix and a mushroom feast was had at tea time. 

The mushrooms tasted good, not too strong and were surprisingly soft, I’d expected them to be firmer, but were still a delight to try. 

Now, I can’t take all the credit for the tasty wild mushroom risotto, actually I can’t take any of the credit…my sister cooked it, added some micro salad, tossed in a chunk of Stilton, threw in some cannilini beans and served it up… it was awesome. 


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