Hot Potato


They’re in! At long last the potatoes are in. After waiting for what seems like years, I planted my potatoes at the allotment today. They’ve been chitting for about 5 weeks now and with the weather starting to warm up I thought today would be a great day to plant them.

I’m planting them very traditionally: in rows, with my second earlies on one side of the plot and my main crop on the other. When my earlies have been harvested I’ll use the space to plant my courgettes and any other fast cropping veg I can fit in!


First on the agenda was trench digging, I’d forgotten how much effort it takes to dig in the baking hot sunshine. It was only supposed to be 10 degrees today but it felt more like 20 by the time I’d finished. Once I’d made my trench it was time to release the potatoes. Sprouting bits to the top, I gently set them out and tucked them in safely.


I’m growing 2 types of second earlies and 2 varieties of main crops, so that’s 4 trenches dug in the searing heat (I’m sure the temperature must’ve been closer to 30 degrees). The earlies should be ready in about 12-14 weeks and the main crop in about 16 weeks once the foliage dies back.

As planting the potatoes was the only job on the list today I managed to get a good look at the flowers on the allotment. Nature corner is starting to look more colourful now that the daffodils are starting to flower, in a week or two the tulips should be open too so that’ll really help bring in the bees.

Nature corner

Nature corner


The happy marigolds have been living in the greenhouse for about a week, so I’m starting to harden them off now so they can be kept outside. They are just starting to show their colouring on their petals, I’m hoping they’ll bloom for a while as I think they look great and they’ll be great companion plants for the vegetables on the plot.


All that digging was thirsty work so I packed up and headed home, taking with me the left over potatoes that I didn’t have room to plant. I can’t believe how many I’ve got left over. The plan is that they’ll be planted up in potato sacks and we’ll have a bumper crop at the end of the summer. It’s a good job we like potatoes!


Oh yeah, just to mention, the temperature was actually hotter than 10 degrees today, I’ve got the sunburn on my shoulders to prove it!

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