Surprise Surprise

I love a surprise, and for better or worse, this week has been full of them. First up was the cauliflowers. A couple of weeks ago I reported that they were in dire straits after I started trying to harden them off. Their leaves had shrivelled, they looked really poor, and I thought I’d have to start all over again.

Poor cauliflowers

Poor cauliflowers

But to my delight this week, they’ve bounced back. They look strong and healthy, and their next set of leaves have grown in really quickly.

Hooray for cauliflower

Hooray for cauliflower

I’m currently growing most of my seedlings, including the cauliflowers, on windowsills at my parents house (my flat is on the ground floor and gets very limited sunshine) so in my absence, they’ve been left in charge of the seedlings. On Tuesday my Mam called me and asked if she showed me the cauliflowers, would I notice anything different about them. I replied, of course I would, they’re my first ever home-grown cauliflowers, nurtured from seed and brought back to life from the point of no return….this is what I saw.

Missing leaves, poor cauliflower

Missing leaves

The leaves had vanished from about 3 of my plants. My lovely cauliflowers have had their leaves nibbled off! They hadn’t been outside so it wasn’t the birds, slugs, snails or any other usual vegetable predator. My Mam had caught their cat Noodles red pawed, nibbling away at the leaves!

imageThose poor cauliflowers will be lucky to make it to the allotment at this rate!

The weather today has been glorious. Thankfully the winds have eased off and the rain, sleet and hail has passed. I’ve been making daily trips to the allotment this week to check on the shed, greenhouse and the broad beans. I’ve been really worried that the beans might have been blown over or that their stems might have snapped in the winds but luckily they’ve survived.


The plan on the allotment today was to dig up a smaller section of the plot I’d used to plant some potatoes late last summer. I’d hoped they would grow in time for Christmas but no foliage ever appeared so I just resigned myself to the fact that they must’ve been eaten by the slugs. To my surprise, I dug up a load of new potatoes! I’m not quite sure how they’ve made it through the winter but tonight, they made it to my son’s dinner plate.


7 thoughts on “Surprise Surprise

  1. hes an outdoor cat and can come and go as he pleases, usually has a taste for mice which is why I’m so surprised he’s going for the veg. I thought he might have a hair ball too, either that or cauli leaves are particularly tasty! 😀


  2. Our labrador is particularly partial to tomatoes. Went on holiday last year, leaving sons in charge of pets and watering tomato plants. Came home to find lab had taken a liking to them and stripped plants bare!

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