Todays the day! The sun was shining, the birds were singing and today I finally fixed the greenhouse. About a year ago, my lovely home-made higgledy-piggeldy greenhouse was smashed by vandals and I’ve been without a functional greenhouse ever since. It’s been on my things to do list but my main priority was to get the plots into a reasonable condition for planting. Now that they’re all dug over and weeded, I feel I can turn my attention to the other jobs on the plot. I’ve been scouring Gumtree for a while to try and pick up a glass door and as if by magic, on Sunday, I was able to find one in my area. With the glass door collected, all I had to do was clear out the leaves and evict the spiders.

Missing door

Missing door

New door

New door

Getting the door in just the right position was definatley a two person job so I did what most folk do with DIY… I drafted in my dad to help! Once the door was in position I managed to get in on the action too.



A couple of well placed brackets later and my greenhouse is whole again. 


I know it’s not pretty to look at but I’m thrilled I can start using the greenhouse again. 

Next job on the list…burning brambles, bring it on! 

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