The Great Sunflower Race

Giant sunflower

Giant sunflower

Back in January, while on a trip to the garden centre, I came across a sunflower growing kit for children. My son Jacob loves sunflowers, so I bought him the kit. It came with individual pots to grow the flowers in, along with little compost discs and of course lots of lovely sunflower seeds.


According the the growing instructions, we couldnt start planting them until March, so he’s been waiting…and waiting…and waiting. Yesterday, we decided we could wait no more, and he declared a sunflower growing race. We’ve all selected our own individual pots and marked them with stickers. We also were able to choose up to 3 seeds each for maximum growing potential!


The variety of sunflower in the pack is the Helianthus Annuus Giganteus or the Giant Sunflower. This apparently can grow up to 3 meters tall so there’s everything to grow for. I’m not usually that competitive, ok I might be a teeny bit competitive, but I really want my sunflower to grow as tall as possible, and if it happens to tower above all the other growers then that’ll be a bonus too!

Once the seeds have grown over 10 cm we’ll do a weekly measure in, and record the flowers progress. We were going to set a final measure date but to be honest, I’ve never grown giant sunflowers before so I’ve got no idea when they’ll be at their tallest and in full bloom so once their height stays the same over a couple of weeks we’ll just take that measurement and wait to see who’ll be crowned king or queen of the sunflowers.


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