We’re going on a stump hunt…

Lovely tree stumps

Lovely tree stumps

Last September I decided to dedicate a little section of the plot to wildlife. I’ve named it “Nature Corner”. I have a vision of it being filled with flowers, bug huts and little nooks for frogs to hide in beside the pond. So far, I’ve dug the pond and planted some heathers. My son and I built a luxury bug hut and planted around 75 spring time bulbs, a few of which are already starting to pop up. The next part of my plan was to get some tree stumps so that we could sit in nature corner and watch the creatures in action. The purpose of using the stumps in Nature Corner was two-fold for me. I wanted to make the corner as rustic and natural looking as possible and I also wanted the stumps to provide homes for insects on the plot. Plus as a bonus, the creatures under the stumps and logs should keep children interested for a while at least!

Collecting the stumps from the park

Collecting the stumps from the park

The park next to the allotment has been renovated recently so I contacted the Park Warden to see if there would be any stumps that I could use on the plot. I really wasn’t expecting to be able to get any, but to my delight the warden was totally supportive of my plan to make a nature corner and was fabulous in keeping me updated as to when the park would re-open. So, today I packed up the wheelbarrow and headed along to hunt for stumps. I was not disappointed with the haul!

Nature Corner

Nature Corner

It took 3 trips but within an hour I had all the stumps a nature corner could need.

I’m really pleased with how the corner is shaping up. I’m sure in a few weeks time when the weather warms up a bit, and the bulbs are flowering this will be my favourite place to sit and enjoy nature on the plot.


2 thoughts on “We’re going on a stump hunt…

  1. Thanks very much Laura! Hopefully I’ll see more than just slugs and snails this year! When I was clearing the plot last year found a toad so I’m hoping he’ll pop back for a visit.


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