And we’re off!

Well, I couldn’t wait any longer. I’ve cracked. I’ve started sowing seeds. Yoghurt pots and margarine tubs are no longer safe. I’ve been hoarding them for weeks now and I’ve finally liberated them for their new life’s purpose and they’re absolutely perfect.

The planning frenzy begins

The planning frenzy begins

I’ve planned on having 10 cauliflower plants to put into the allotment so I’ve sown 16 seeds. I’m not sure on the germination rates so I’m over sowing just in case a few don’t come up. The variety I’ve chosen is Snow Crown as it’s an early cropper and I just love cauliflower! I’ve also sown a couple of tubs of leek seeds. The leeks I’ve chosen are Longbow as they should produce long white shanks and will stand well in the ground through winter. I’m hoping that the cauliflower and leeks will be ready at the same time as I just love cauliflower cheese made with leeks (with an extra sprinkling of cheese on the top for good measure)

I’ve been doing a bit of research into companion planting recently, as I’m keen for nature to help out with controlling the pests on the plot. I’m hoping that by planting certain plants together, they will work together and hopefully make my life on the allotment a little easier! (Who really wants to squash green-fly day in and day out.) So with this in mind I’ve chosen to plant nasturtium and marigolds along side some of the crops.

My son helping out by  planting the French marigolds

My son helping out by planting the French marigolds

I’ve always loved marigolds and so has my son. I’ve since put him in charge of growing the flowers and he had really taken this job in hand.

French Marigold

French Marigold

Last but not least I returned to the allotment today to finish the battle with the Pampas grass. I decided to get more hands on and just pulled all the dead growth out by hand. It was much easier than I thought it would be and was surprised a few times by old woody brambles hidden in the middle. Not put off I kept at it and before I knew it I had a mountain of old and dead grass. The only problem now is what to do with it all! I’m not sure it’ll rot down in the compost bin so I think it’ll have to be burned. At least it’ll keep me warm on my next visit to the plot!

Pampas mountain

Pampas mountain

6 thoughts on “And we’re off!

  1. Have fun planting your flowers! What kind of marigolds and Nasturtiums do you have? I also picked up some verbena seeds and a packet of lavender seeds but my son (chief flower planter) got hold of them while my back was turned and has planted all the seeds – yes all the seeds in both packets – into one teeny tiny 3 inch pot! To give him credit he did make up a lollypop stick for it! Looking forward to the flower explosion that’s going to bring!

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  2. I was tempted (briefly) to join you but today we woke to out first dusting of snow. Think I’ll sit on my hands for a little longer – mid Jan is normally my starting point for sowing.
    Good luck with yours – are they indoors or do you have a greenhouse?


  3. I’m starting everything indoors at the moment. I have a little home made green house made out of old windows and doors at the allotment. It was broken into last year so I need to find a glass door to replace the one that was smashed before I can start keeping seedlings there. On the positive side, the seedlings will be nice and warm in the house and hopefully they will all germinate well! Fingers crossed my eagerness to get sowing hasn’t guaranteed the coldest spring the UK has seen! Good luck with yours, you’ve got more will power then me!


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