Spring has sprung (honestly it has)

Here in the North East of England it’s currently 1 degree Celsius, it’s windy too so it’s actually feels colder and there are parts of Northumberland covered in snow. But, here I sit, ploughing forward with the bold statement, “Spring has sprung” and if anyone else had said that to me I’d’ve said they were mad! But nevertheless I’m confident in my statement. Here’s the reason why…



There. Can you see it? That tiny tip of garlic gorgeousness is the proof to me that Spring is here. I was overjoyed to see that the garlic cloves I’d planted last October had survived the winter (remember it’s Spring now) and I’m hoping that the bulbs continue to do well. As the soil I have in the allotment is quite heavy, I’ve planted the garlic into long planters with general purpose compost, if it does get too cold and wet, I can easily move them to a more sheltered location, well that’s the plan anyway.

I’ve planted 2 varieties, the hard neck Lautrec Wight along with Elephant garlic. I’m not really sure what to expect with the elephant variety, how big will it get? Will it end up being like the turnip in the children’s story “The Enormous Turnip” and will I require heavy digging equipment to harvest it? My son certainly hopes so!

Spring flowers starting to peep through

Spring flowers starting to peep through

Delighted that the garlic had shown me that we are on the way to warmer and longer days, I eagerly started to inspect my nature corner, where I had planted about 75 spring bulbs intended to help draw beneficial insects and animals to the plot. It took a few minutes but lo and behold, I spotted a little patch of green in the makeshift woodland floor (I’ve got a good imagination, it’s only bark chippings). Fantastic news, it’s official, spring is here which means in a few weeks I’ll have crocus, snow drops, tulips and daffodils bring a splash of colour to the lottie, and I can’t wait to see it.

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